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Stuart Urch is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Correction Exercise Specialist, and Behavioral Change Specialist certified through the NASM. He has also owned his own gym and business, Urch Training Services LLC, for 5 years now. His passion for fitness began when he only 3 years old flipping through body building magazines and watching his mother work out at home. After being an athlete his entire life, a series of football injuries urged Stuart to rehabilitate himself. The doctors thought he had permanently ruined his back and would be unable to play college football. When no professional he went too had a solution, within a year after graduating high school, he had successfully rehabilitated his lower back.


With this knew found knowledge, Urch discovered he could fix himself without medicine and surgery. This ignited an important spark to help others with rehabilitation when other opinions have told them otherwise. The solution is not always intense surgery or useless pain pills. Stuart has designed programs that have helped people with sciatica, spinal fusions, knee, and hip replacements, and has even successfully made diet plans that have helped people with allergies to all fruits and vegetables. Not only that, but when others get denied from public gym personal trainers, Stuart steps in to help people whenever others feel that no one can. Along with creating effective pain management skills for his clients, he also helps people improve their physical appearance and athletic performance. Book your first consultation NOW to find out more about the personal and tailored ways Stuart can help you improve any aspect of your overall health and personal fitness.

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